Friday, June 29, 2012

Alive and well (kinda)

Ok, so it's been a long while since I've updated..

Small recap with posts to follow:

I left off with the tree coming down in the driveway...
The weekend after I created another fabulous cake for a dear friend. You can read more about that here until I update with a post of my own.
Then it was prep work and cleaning for my long over due housewarming
Housewarming happened and was a fun time had by all. I'm still eating off leftovers.
I was featured on another blog this past week about homeownership in general and my efforts as a DIY Diva.

In the meantime I have been still battling my nagging cough breathing issue. However this past week there has been a breakthrough on that.(Continue reading)

Remember this post when I thought water was coming in thru the vent pipe of the furnace? Yea turns out that's not the case at all..

I again heard water this past Thursday and Friday night... great timing considering my housewarming was on Saturday!

So I called my technician, he suspected what was wrong and was nice enough to come out Saturday morning.

Turns out something call the "high limit switch" failed... it should of tripped off the furnace but didn't during the winter time (who knows how long ago--surely prior to my ownership) Needless to say, the furnace didn't trip, ended up melting the METAL drain pan under the A coil or "evaporator coil"... causing the water to drain right back into the furnace, housing and air intake ductwork. Oh let's not forget to mention the water ring on the wall, the likely hood of mold/fungi in the closet area.. the hardwood floor underneath destroyed etc etc.

The scary thing is.... it was likely that enough heat could've built up in the closet and combusted-- causing a house fire. Um can we say SCARY?! 

Don't you like my ghetto setup? I was told I can continue to run the AC in the time being--seeing as we have a heat index of 108* today there's no way I'm going without AC!! I am trying to limit how much more water gets drenched on the unit..hence my "wick" setup.. I'm having to empty the de-humidifer 2 times a day so far and the blue bucket has been emptied 1 time in about 4 days. It's not a fool proof method but it's working for now kinda.

I'm working with my home warranty to replace the unit.. which they are covering most of the costs-- I need to pay for some "uncovered costs" like ductwork modification, haul away of the components and the evaporator coil which for one reason or another they refuse to cover...(about $1500 in uncovered cost) Also need to get some other trades involved once the unit is removed to repair any floor/wall damage-- I can only assume it needs to be ripped out and replaced completely. (Haven't begun to get this quoted yet but I can only assume another couple hundred dollars in materials and who knows what on labor costs)
Nice water ring on the wall eh? I'm sure there's way more to uncover once the system is out of this closet. UGH!

Some weeks I hate homeownership.... this is one of those weeks! At least when the possibility of the mold issue I have reason to believe that's why I've been so sick lately. I've noticed I'm better outside the home than when I am in it. Now it's time to remedy the situation and correct it. I also have contacted a duct cleaning company to clean all my ductwork once work is complete...

So yes, I have been preoccupied... rightly so. No the deck is not started, complete or being enjoyed just yet. I hope by the fall that project gets wrapped up. For now my health and this immediate issue at hand is far more important. I've racked up quite a few uncovered medical bills in the last 8-10 weeks since this really became an issue. (Over $2,000)  To drive my suspicion even more home-- 8-10 weeks of coughing and I've only had my AC going for 8-10.. coincidence? I think not.

Now accepting all monetary donations, ramen noodles, pb&j or other home cooked meals..

Project in progress for me Nieces Pieces
I'm going on a much needed vacation next week to see my 2 year old Nieces Pieces. I'm totally looking forward to it. Hopefully some R&R is in store.. Hahah yea right! Anyone with a kid knows that's farther from the truth!! I can try right?!

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