House Tour:Before Pics

Hello and Welcome!

Here is a house tour of when I first saw the house prior to moving in and tackling DIY projects.
 This is the front of the house.. Brick facade and the rest is wood frame construction. Built in 1946 or there abouts.

 This is taken from the doorway of the living room looking back at the foyer.. The coat closet is on the left, front door on the right and straight ahead is the future craft room.
 Turning around behind me is the living room. Gorgeous hardwood floors and a working fireplace. Big enough for my furniture too..
 Another view of the living room to show the windows. Unfortunately the mirror above didn't stay as part of the sale-- but I'll DIY something eventually.
 Formal dining room. Cozy but comfortable.
 A view of the kitchen from the dining room where a swinging door once stood.
 A view of the kitchen from the sunporch.
 Another view of the kitchen.
 A look down the hallway from the dining room. The door on the right is the furnace.
 Busy ceiling with a whole house fan, light and attic stairs.
 Built ins right before you enter the bathroom.
 Most likely original fixtures. Nothing fancy but functional!
 I don't think the tenants that lived in here new what cleaning products were!
 Another view of the bathroom sink.
 Home to the future craft room/office. Paneling stained the same color as the floor and the smallest of all 3 bedrooms.
A view from inside the room towards the hallway.
Second bedroom "Guest bedroom"
Closet home to the washer and dryer *No longer in there*
My bedroom. Gotta love the floral wallpaper!

And that folks is a wrap for the tour. Keep in mind these were all the "Before" pictures. The house has character, charm and good overall flow. Based on the 30+ houses I walked through with my realtor this one fit the bill the most and despite needing cosmetic updating it has super good bones!

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