About Me

An artist by birth.
Interior Designer by degree.
Coffee drinker by choice.
A dog lover.
A DIY guru.
A powertool maven.

I'm Northern transplant to the South.
A fun lovin' coffee addict. A sweet tea drinkin', ya'll sayin', grit eatin', modern day Mary Poppins one of a kind!

That simply sums me up.

I was born in Chicago, IL (Not the suburbs). I pursued my BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Interior Design with a minor in Business Management/Entrepreneurship. I decided to stay in Savannah, Georgia after graduation. In March of 2011 at 24, I closed on my first home. Since then I have undertaken renovating and updating the place with my two hands.

I have learned all I know from picking up tools and going at it. Most kids ask for barbies and video games for birthdays etc. I was the weird kid asking for DIY books (still ask for them) power tools and garden bulbs.. I played outside got dirty and spent many of hours downstairs in my Dads workshop (that I shouldn't of been in) fiddle farting around. 75% natural 25% books research and learning from others :) I love it.

I love DIY projects, thrift stores, salvage yards, blogs, crafts, decor and all things design. I am constantly on the move and doing SOMETHING.

When I'm not working on the house, I'm working on my Etsy Shop: MB Creations. You can view the shop here. Or find me on Facebook. I'm actively on Pinterest as well.

I have three beautiful doggie children. Molly and Peyton who are 3 years old and Gracie who joined our family in April and is 2 years old. As a group they are known as MPG (not miles per gallon! hehe)

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