Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Addition!

No no.. not to the house, but to the family. (And no I did not have a baby!)

April 30th I was picking up 3 girls I watch and noticed a dog very close to their house limping and starving. I lured the dog to my truck per frosted flakes (there ggrrrreat!) I noticed she was a female pup and that her foot was hurt. After some time and letting her trust me to get close enough, I loaded her into my truck (with the human 3 girls) and off to the vet we went.
No tags, no collar, no microchip. The vet fixed up her foot and stated that she must've been walking a long time 'cause the bottoms of her feet were torn up. They had to cut off some flappy skin on one of her pads. They bandaged her and gave her a rabies shot etc. The entire time at the vet's office she was just a little love bug. After 3-4 days of caring for her I made the decision that she's staying. She felt right at home and gets along wonderfully with Molly and Peyton. She doesn't bark thus far and is a complete joy. She wants nothing more than to be next to you, loving on you etc. She's picked up well to Molly and Peyton's routines and when it's "night night" time she lays right next to the bed on the floor in her "spot".

Other than having to put on weight she's in overall good health. Her foot still needs bandaged but her new Mama is taking good care of her.

This past weekend our buddy Hank the hound dog spent time having a slumber party. I think he enjoyed being man of the house.

So *drumroll please* Introducing:

While at the vets office
Drunk Puppy Hugs
Sleepy girl

We went to a doggie fest/clinic and she was dressed up.. 
Sleeping in the vegetable garden
 A walk with the pups and our buddy Hank. 

Gracie has since gone into heat, hence her "panties" --which were really baby shorts found at the dollar store.

I'm in love. I love my baby kids. For "Mothers day" they let me sleep in for 2 additional hours.. and I was bathed in hundreds of puppy kisses by all three girls.

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