Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Completed compost bins

Last night I completed my 3 bin compost system. They were made using wooden pallets I got from my awesome friend Aaron. He kindly delivered them in batches from his work.(Thanks Aaron!)

The biggest challenge was finding pallets roughly the same size and that had the same slat spacing... After that hurdle, the next was figuring out how in the world to lay them out so hinges worked for the doors..

Finally they got assembled and filled with great composting materials.. And at last the 20+ refuge bags are finally cleared from the side of the house!

Up next it'll be prepping for Bokashi composting! I know what your thinking.."Bo---what?" Its called bo-ka-she and is a Japanese method to compost. It allows meat, bones, dairy, etc to go in. Essentially you can compost ANYTHING using this method.

It's an anaerobic method which basically is the absence of oxygen vs traditional composting which is aerobic.

I'll write more about it once I'm embarking on that journey.

Here are the pictures of the completed bins!

This was the pallets beginning to be laid out.

Completed bins when "doors" are shut.

Filled bins! Lots of leaves, grass clippings, fireplace ash, and coffee grounds from Starbucks and dryer lint.

Bins are just south of the veggie garden.. The area is still work in progress.

What ya think?

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