Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Critter control

So, some many recall that when I first moved in one of the bedrooms had a efficiency stack washer and dryer in the closet.

While I have a stack, mine would not of fit. I opted to have my stack setup in the shed attached to the house instead. There were existing connections there anyways, so it made sense. Plus it'll be practical once I hang up my clothesline. Fast forward to my first few "real" nights in the house. As I was going to bed I heard "scratch scratch scratch" against the dryer hose that ran from the close floor down under to the crawlspace.. I ignore it and go to sleep.

Well this past week I went into that room that's not finished yet and smell something. Surely MPG (Molly, Peyton, Gracie) haven't had an accident in their since the door has been shut. I open the closet door and see droppings.. I grab a flashlight and inspect the cavity where the washer and dryer connected into the plumbing... And discover this:

Your staring at a cavity on the back side of the tub. The white stuff is spray foam I began spraying before I thought, "hey I should get a picture of this." Needless to say, I blocked the opening the best I could with a piece of wood and spray foamed the mess out of that area, including the opening straight down into the crawlspace...

A quick google search has me suspecting it was possum poop.. Lovely.

Oh the joys!

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