Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Demolition begins!!

Last night I started the task of removing the wood paneling in my "soon to be craft room".
Pardon the quality of the pictures--- my camera took a swim in the washing machine this past week-- so I'm relying on my phone....

Here is a before shot:

I started first by removing the closet door off the hinges.

The "closet" will be a future computer station nook.

After the door was off, I removed the trim around the door frame. It'll be saved and reused. Each piece was carefully labeled for future reconstruction.

Next was the area above the door, the "Header"..

After that was taken off, the base molding and and quarter round. Then the wall panels themselves.

2 hours later I have a clear wall.. Still need to remove all the nails etc that might be in the studs before the drywall is hung. Not to mention that while the walls are open, insulation will be added and electrical will be checked out.

 Only 3 more walls to go!!

Here is a collage of my craft room "inspiration"
Not sure what I'm doing for sure in there-- but one thing is for sure: It'll be FABULOUS!!

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