Sunday, June 10, 2012


Getting back into the swing of things, the outside of the house continues to shape up.
The deck is gone in the back, soon to be rebuilt (but put on hold for a bit) the veggie garden for this year is far behind schedule... But hopefully will be in the ground this weekend and there's various odds and ends shaping up all over.
 One thing to drive me crazy is the driveway area. So last weekend I got out there and raked alongside of it. The beautiful Camellias were completely overgrown and getting out of hand. So I limbed them up a bit so you can actually see trunks now.

 So much better than the crazy forest I had going on!
Trees all over the property are amazingly out of control. One being the biggest eyesore is the Crepe Mrytle right alongside the driveway. You can see it here.
 Here's another shot of it.
 If I want to drive my car further back the driveway, this tree encroaches on the driveway and makes me nervous. Only one solution, it had to go!
 Bye bye tree! I won't miss you!
 My roommate Stephen began by tying rope to upper limbs... and then with the aid of a chainsaw we were in business removing.
 The master of the chainsaw, my boyfriend helped to take this good ol' tree down.... (I think the gloves look good, wouldn't you say? ;o) )
 On the very last limb to come down, we actually ended up snapping the line that went to the street light from the alley. The power company was called and came out quickly. Whoops!
 Back to work we went getting the trunk down to size, and cutting up all usable parts of limbs for future firewood.

We still have lower to take the stump, and drill holes into it, possibly burn it, or simply add Stump Rot or salt to help it decompose quicker. I'm just glad to have it gone. It allows more light to the area and just really changes the driveway.

**working to catch up on posts, hang tight**

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