Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh the joys!

Of homeownership that is!

We've had a bunch of rain lately.. Which is good and bad and all the same. I've been taking a much needed DIY vacation for the last week or so.. Attended my "big bro's" wedding in Pittsburgh.. and just burnt since the roommate fiasco.

Anyways, I was gearing back up to tackle DIY stuff. I successfully organized the foyer coat closet, which is beginning to free up space in other areas of the house. Yay! Maybe soon I'll be 100% out of boxes.

While I was cleaning and doing dishes etc it was pouring rain. Admist the silence of the house other than hearing rain outside, I hear some "pinging" of rain inside... uh oh!

So Ms. Super Sonic Ears started walking around to figure  out where it was.. I opened the closet to the furnace and bam. I knew the source.
I could hear rain coming down the metal flue pipe... It was then dripping from the metal round drum like thing.. into a pan midway.
This is the little pan that was filled with water.. That black "pipe" and metal piece basically rest on this pan. Water was dripping in from what I've been told is the blower housing-- in the upper left corner.
When I took my hand to the black thing and turned it, I could hear water
 sloshing around.. ugh...
Then on the side of the furnace between the wall which is only about a 3-4" space, I saw water on the floor.  I'm being told it's all from a clogged drain on the AC side of things.. and that the flue may of gotten a little water from the rain.. but the main issue is a clogged drain line.. 

Nothing like being in the attic at 10pm-- and on the roof in the middle of a thunderstorm trying to troubleshoot and figure this stuff out.. 
Either way all  I'm seeing  is $$$$$$$$$.. I have a company coming out Friday to take a look see. Maybe I can process this through my home warranty company.. I sure hope so!

If I had the money, I'd rip out the furnace completely-- install an electric one in order to get my house 100% gas free(my furnace and gas logs are the only gas I have)-- relocated the furnace in the attic and clear up this closet all together.. Wishful thinking!

At any rate, a company is coming out Friday to do a look see/diagnosis.. then I can go from there and see if the home warranty company will pick up any additional tabs.

Gotta love being a homeowner some days!

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