Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shut the front door

Or rather... paint the front door.

I want to paint it SO BAD!

I don't know if you can tell.. but the paint is peeling off the front door. All because I've taped a sign to the door at one point... It obviously wasn't properly primed and painted. Now it's just a snowball effect!  The door is just a boring solid slab, so the possibilities are endless with adding trim, panels, moulding etc. Just have NO idea what I want to do and what will compliment the rest of the house!
 The concrete porch can use some TLC as well. Again.. no idea what color to do..
 My poor sad mailbox just sits on the ground, it's been detached for who knows how long-- and frankly I haven't found anything I like to replace it. Who knew mailboxes were so UGLY?!?
 The two side lights are incredibly small in comparison to how the SHOULD be.. and I'm not a fan.. Again haven't found anything budget savvy to replace them with.
My cute little house.. I don't know if I'll just be able to stop with painting the front door.. I have a feeling it like EVERYTHING else will turn into one much bigger project.

Once the door is painted I easily see the following happening:

-Painting the trim around the door
-Adding a door knocker
-Replacing the doorbell plate
-Adding panels or trim or something to the door for more visual interest
-Adding a kick plate to the bottom of the door
-Painting the area with the address numbers
-Relocating the address numbers
-Painting the railings
-Painting the porch deck
-Patching some motor in the steps
-Painting all the window trim
-Removing the shutters that are not symmetrical with the house
-Painting the eaves and underhangs
-Painting that roof pitch
-Painting the underside of the porch roof "haint blue" (A southern thing)
-Installing new porch lights
-Installing a much desired porch swing....
-Re-landscaping the front (spring/summer of '12)
-Get Dish to come remove the dish thing from the front of the house (or remove it myself)

See what I mean? one thing turns into SEVERAL!!!!

Whatever I choose I want it to add curb appeal, and be off the beaten path---to a degree. I definitely don't want it to stick out like a sore thumb, but I also don't want it to be something every Joe can pick up at Home Depot or Lowes..

What are your thoughts and suggestions blogland?
I've started a board on Pinterest with ideas.
I think photoshop and I need to have a date... and play with ideas.... oh decisions decisions!

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