Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Surgery: Gracie

Tomorrow Gracie has her "little lady surgery". I called thinking I'd get an appointment in a week. Instead they said, "oh we can take you tomorrow morning, we've had cancellations"

So tomorrow at 6:30am I'll be driving 1 hour north to South Carolina to drop Gracie Ann off. Pick up 8am Friday morning.

<Insert nervous mama face here>

Yes it's so "routine" but I can't help to always have the fear of them not waking up afterwards. So yes I'm nervous. Not ready for my little girl to be a "little lady"... *sigh*

Eyes that melted my heart....when I first rescued her.
Personality to gain a fan club.

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  1. She's beautiful! I think my dog Reese is a distant relative - a red nosed APBT. Feel better soon, Gracie. Megan-love your house!

  2. Awww! Thanks for the comment! Man I miss Chicago some days.. today is one of those days. Gracie is home and resting comfortably.