Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kitchen Curtain Fabric

I've been looking for some Kitchen curtain fabric lately.

If you've been following for any length of time, you'd know that teal/robin egg is the only color missing out of my kitchen design.

The color pallette came from this inspiration image:
My walls are a creamy buttery yellow, the original hardwood floors have been refinished, the cabinets will soon be painted with a fresh coat of paint, and eventually I'll snag the dining room fixture and hang it in the kitchen.

The teal however has been a stump-er! I've had a hard time finding accessories etc in that color.

I've found these two fabrics though that I'm considering.

  Leaning towards the one on the left-- But concerned it'll be too busy.. Yet again in all my decor/design I lack texture and pattern.. It's almost like it's too risky for me. 
The next question is.. what style of curtain?  Curtains are going on the two windows shown here.. It's sad that the only image I have showing both windows was from before the floor was torn up.. Ahh! my worst nightmare!

Another curtain panel of some sort will go on the backdoor as well... I think. Maybe just sheers with the fabric making the border along the bottom.. Or maybe just sheers and a valance type deal up top with the fabric color..
So do I do a simple bunchy look like this?

Or a sleeker look like this?
 Valance or no valance? I'm thinking no valance.

And I guess once I have curtains... I can take down the blinds.. That I'm not all that fond of. 

My awesome crafty maven friend Trish volunteered to do the sewing of them.. What a relief! I can continue on with other projects that need to get done and know that this simple little accessory is in good hands. Thanks Trish!!!

I think with any leftover fabric, I'll make some dishtowels to go along with the kitchen. If only my head would slow down on crafty ideas and projects!!

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  1. I like the fabric on the left :)
    Have you thought about making Roman blinds?