Friday, October 21, 2011

Little Photoshop playing

Last night after a fabulous dinner with a friend, I came home and sat in front of Photoshop for a couple hours...

Christmas is around the corner and I'm so anxious to decorate my house for the FIRST TIME EVER!
My house+Christmas=Aweseome.

However... with that said, it's bugging me more and more the curb appeal. The peeling paint on the door is getting to me.. If I can pick a color, I might do the front door this weekend..

I've realized that shutters on the left of the house might be tricky as the porch railings are attached directly to the brick on that side.. On the right side the railing is attached directly to the bottom of the shutter.. Go figure! I have no idea what to do there.. but slightly dreaming of black shutters..The existing ones are rotting in spots.

This was a picture from my phone of the computer screen-- so bare with me.. I obviously didn't finish photoshopping the railings.. But considering black.. The teal shows up much brighter than what I envision.

My inspiration Pin Board for all things front entry is here.

And, I stumbled upon this fabulous site this morning that showed me EXACTLY the look I'm going for.. and a paint color name! St. Lucia Teal! YES PLEASE!!

The Couple at first has the EXACT color scheme I do.. A very read brick house, white shutters, white door.

Then they changed their shutters to black and did a surf blue door... Little too bright for liking.. so finally:

Black shutters, and a St. Lucia Teal door.
They even had some of the same images for inspiration! 
And did the trial and error for me!
And the paint swatches!

Some days I love the internet, today is one of those days! Thanks to Sheryl and Mike I may just have a new front door color by the end of the weekend!
I'm anxious to follow their blog and housey things as they seem to be DIYers too! You can follow them over here ------> Sheryl And Mike

Our houses can be like twins yo, fo sho! =) North and South twins. haha!

I think with paint, a kickplate, door knocker, peep hole and some trim added the door will look so much better! Just moved up on the priority list. Hopefully the weekend is productive!!

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