Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kitchen Colors

So while I'm not doing any work on the house this week perse, I'm still very much thinking about accessories and whatnots for decorating each space.

If you remember, my original move in Kitchen looked like this:
Blue and Blah.

Recently it turned into this:
With still some unpacking left to do.

My original inspiration image for the kitchen was this:
Fresh, bright and cheery! LOVE it.

I have pops of green in the form of a lovely plant given to me by my friend Keri. And these gorgeous plates I received months ago from my dear friend Vera when I first closed on my house:
 (Still need to figure out an adequate way to display them)

I've also modified the original palette on accident. While unpacking I noticed how many burgundy red items I have.. (turkey platter, crock pot, jar of dried cayenne peppers from the garden etc) It just so happens that those items are on display amongst the kitchen.. So red has been worked in.

My biggest problem now is finding Robin Egg/Teal accessories to work into the design.... Hmmm.. And a new light fixture.. I'm debating whether to take down the dining room fixture, spray paint it silver, and rehang in the kitchen.

So what items have you seen lately for the kitchen that are teal? Post links and I'll go check them out. I need more inspiration!

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  1. I love following you and watching the progress of your kitchen. Here is a great link to another blog that might give you some great ideas for the color.

  2. Try looking at Pier One site
    they have some teal dinnerware