Friday, September 21, 2012

Furnace fiasco--long overdue post

Wow, so it's been entirely too long since I updated. LOTS has happened since we left off.. I left you back at the end of June with my furnace issues... Which is what this post will cover. 

Other events that have taken place:
- Spent too short of a period with my nieces pieces in Boston over July 4th. Discovered on my return that my health while visiting her was 100%.
- Had my air ducts cleaned.
- By the end of July, Boyfriend and I were no more.
- A week later after that, I lost my job (beginning of August).
- By the end of August I was told my Dad's Cancer came back. Lung surgery followed and he spent 2+ Weeks in ICU. Finally has been moved into a rehab facility and remains there for now. I visited Chicago at the end of August, partially a pre-planned trip, partially to see Dad as well. 
-I've been working on some sidework lately to pass the time, and finally getting back into the swing of things with house projects as well. 

Stay tuned for lots more posts to come and get you all updated! 

Now to recap on the furnace fiasco......

If you read my previous post, my health was a mess and it turned out to be from the furnace. You can read that post here. 

I mentioned how the metal drain pan under the evaporator coil melted... That gray/silver blob below is the supposed drain pan. 
The picture below is where the high limit switch that malfunctioned was. 

Once the old furnace was taken out, I was left with the closet in raw form. I was super concerned with the damage that was caused. I had a contractor come out to assess and thankfully it turned out the floor underneath the furnace was concrete. AMEN! No hardwood floor damage! Walls apparently were concrete too so the fear of mold in the walls etc was limited to surface. 

This was the cold air return. For whatever reason there was insulation IN the cold air return. Not just wrapping it on the outside. Needless to say it was water logged and contained my infestation of mold.  I immediately noticed a difference once the unit was removed.... Well besides mold there was a temperature difference too. It was in the 90's and I was without AC for 4-5 days! This timeframe allowed the contractor to come in and do his work and for me to Killz paint the closet before the new install of the new unit. 

Rob came from Presidential Renovations  on a Saturday and did the tile installed and also put a drain in the floor. God forbid this ever happens again.. Too with the new install I had a drain pain installed under the furnace with a shut off valve as well. Crossing my T's and dotting all I's. I never want to deal with this issue again! 

By that following Tuesday the guys from Coastal Mechanical came by to install the new furnace and AC unit. 
Don't the new pieces look all shiny?!?! 
The install took all day but was worth it. By that evening I was blowing cool again. 

This by all means was a fluke of how it came to be. In the 35+ years the AC guy had been in the business he had never seen anything like this before. Another reason I am glad to have my home warranty. Granted I still shelled out about $1500 when this was all said and done. Code compliance upgrades were not covered, the new evaporator coil wasn't covered and the work done by the contractor obviously wasn't covered. I still saved a substantial amount tho by having the home warranty in place no doubt. 

So now that I have a brand new AC/Furnace and hot water tank that was replaced back in January, I think all my major house systems should be good for a while! 

Stay tuned for more bloggity blog updates to come. I'm back ya'll! 

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  1. So sorry to hear that your father is ill again. I have you all in my prayers. Thank God that your health is okay and that your AC troubles are over....finally!