Sunday, September 23, 2012

It doesn't matter if you're black or white

My front porch railings that is....

My railings have driven me crazy for a while now. Since I find myself with a little more "free" time these days, I figured I'd spend the day painting them. I've had a big burst of energy lately and ready to bust out many projects that have been on the back burner for a while now.

They don't seem so bad from a distance, but once you get up close it's a different story. 

See what I mean?? Prior to the sale of the house, these were quickly painted... Enamel/oil based paint was not used and the rust has since bled right through. Time to freshen it up for fall.

I spent a couple hours prepping the surface. I bought a steel wool type attachment for my drill and went over the railing with that. I also used a flexible metal putty knife to scrape any loose paint..Then I taped off all areas that were to be painted.

I decided that while most of this was to be done by hand, spray paint would come in handy for all the scroll  work and make the process around the door easier. So glad I had some spray paint on hand!

Before actually going to work on painting the railings, I sprayed them with a rust inhibitor product or "Rust Reformer" as it is called. I coated only the really bad rust areas with it and it helped to further prep the surface for new paint.

For the spray paint I used RustOleum's Protective Enamel Spray in Gloss Black. For my brush on application, I used their Protective Enamel oil based paint. I made sure to get a good quality brush--made for oil based paint, and a container of mineral spirits for clean up.

Once the area was prepped I started first with the area around the door and spraying it. I figured by late afternoon I'd have to go back inside the house-- so it'd be nice if this area was dry by then. (I had my backdoor unlocked too so I could come and go through there if needed). The application went on smoothly. Or as smoothly as it could. I quickly had wiped down the frame etc with a damp cloth before applying the spray paint. I was careful about drips, but it doesn't seem to matter what I do, I always tend to drip when using spray paint. Go figure! Thankfully a quick swipe with my finger lessened the appearance. Phew!

What a difference! Really Makes the teal door pop don't you think? 
It's similar to this inspiration image I've had pinned on my Pinterest board
Source: Elizabeth & Co
Once the door area was complete I tackled the railings.. Pain stakingly tackled them. Talk about having patience! Oooh weee!! I sprayed the top portions of them where they meet with the porch ceiling. That made it a little easier. I still had to contend with all the curly scrolls and make sure all sides were coated. It was so nice to take down all the paper for the big reveal. My address by rights is above the door--- I've blurred it for privacy. --Plus now with so much focus on the door, the address numbers are obviously not centered above the door.. I  will be fixing that soon. 
A few more changes made the entry ready for fall, like retiring my Summer wreath I made back in June. 
I also pulled out the impatiens from the pots and replaced them with some sunny yellow mums. Two HUGE potted palms complete the porch. I received them as a house warming present back at the end of July from dear friends who were moving their family of 7 across country. For the longest time they didn't have a permanent home at my house, until now. Well granted, they still may be moved if they aren't getting enough sun etc on the porch. But for now they complete it, plus every time I walk past them I am reminded of my friends who I miss oh so much! 

So there you have it folks, for around $20 the front of my house has a completely different look. Nothing like a boost of curb appeal to begin a new season!

I still need to paint the fascia and soffit area as well as the front portion of the porch-- which I'll need a much taller ladder for. It's a start though!

Sooooo what do you think?? Have you done any projects around your home lately?

**I have not been compensated in any way by RustOleum for mentioning their products**

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  1. I love the glossy black on the railings and the door. Makes me really, really want to get our ugly, blah green shutters repainted a nice deep chocolate brown to tie in with our new front door.

    I've also missed you blogging and am very happy to see you back again. Sorry to hear about your job.

    1. AWWWW thanks! You made my evening just know someone is still reading and looking for updates. I want to paint/replace my shutters--- they are real wood and rotting.. but in a funky size that's not just something I can pick up at the store.. ALSO one railing is directly attached to the shutter... not sure how to go about the removal.. *sigh* Always something isn't there??

  2. Hi did a beautiful job! The black looks much more elegant especially with your door color.

    May I suggest you invest in 2 larger sidelights as the scale is off. Also use your lovely blue pots raised up on identical plant stands flanking the door not the steps...the scale is too small for that. Taller and / or wider pots should go me it will look better. Because of your color scheme you have now, copper metallic accents would look gorgeous and give some sparkle to the area. Perhaps spray paint your wire flower baskets copper as well. Just always keep scale of objects in mind because this is just as important as color harmony. You did an awesome job I love your re-do.

  3. Thanks anonymous for your suggestions. New lights etc are definitely on the agenda! Changing to black was only the beginning! :)