Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back to blogworld

I'm back guys!

It's been a rough month or so, but today starts a new month and what better time than to post a new blog entry.

These last few weeks I've been working to clean and organize and regain some ground so that I can continue to work on housey projects. (In the process continuing to find missing items) I just couldn't work amongst all the saw dust, tools and odds and ends laying around. Time for some order!!

Now that things have re-grouped a bit, some order has been brought to the chaos, I can continue on with all my never ending list of projects.

I've celebrated this past Thanksgiving with some friends (I'm gearing up to host for next year). I also celebrated my birthday which was a fabulous weekend and ended with the Lady Antebellum concert.

Talk about an amazing show! My seat was 7th row, but I ended up standing up next to the stage the entire time.. Charles said happy birthday to me within the first 10 minutes, and later Hilary came over and said happy birthday to me as well. I was in my element... And yes, like the good ol' days of elementary school and seeing the Backstreet Boys that I LOVED, I had a homemade sign for Lady Antebellum staying it was my 25th birthday.

C'mon, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Before the concert started they had a camera going around taping people dancing and it was put on the big screen.. I was caught on that too. It was awesome!

 (And no, this is not using zoom!!)

Back on the house front, the front door is ALMOST 100%. Just a few more coats of paint and it'll be good to go. The other night I was busy cleaning the living room to prep for getting the Christmas tree this weekend, I hung some garland on the mantel and semi decorated it. I decorated a wreath too and then realized,

"Crud, the front door isn't done yet. I can't hang this beauty until THAT is done..." So I finished up the trim panels and went to town priming it.. As of last night the official coat of paint went on and I'm IN LOVE with the color!!

If you remember here, I was tossing around several colors. My heroes have become Sheryl and Mike! They've taken the plunge and have a fabulous colored door, which sealed the deal for me and mine.

I'm sure I'll have some neighbors who will think...."What the heck is she thinking?!?!".....Shoot I'll have some friends who think that too I'm sure... But the bottom line is this, I wanted something different, I wanted it to make a statement, and I wanted something off the beaten path..... I got that.

Enough of me rambling on and on.. You want pictures don't you? Yes you do, you know you do! 

 After the panels were cut and put on, the door was primed.
 I just couldn't wait to see the door color, so I painted a big swatch and was giddy with excitement.
 Two coats down, (paint still wet) and I'm in love!

The bottom of the door will be graced with a kickplate for a finishing touch. I'll be sure to show the final product. It's starting to get semi cold here- so I doubt I'll paint the front porch before Christmas but we'll see!

My mom is coming down for Christmas for the first time and first time since I've been a home owner... I can't wait to put her to work!!! (She wants to help, trust me) Hard to believe that it was this time last year I drove my realtor Julia nuts with looking at 30+ houses!!

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  1. So good to have you back!! I'm glad to know you're ok and moving on with life as much as possible considering recent events.

    I'm in Northeast Georgia so even though we're a few hours away I feel like we're neighbors and I love seeing all you progress. It's really amazing what you've accomplished in just a year. Congrats and Merry Christmas!