Saturday, October 6, 2012

Desitin disaster

The other night I was relaxing watching some TV and puttering around on the computer with my latest addiction Pinterest... all of a sudden I hear a noise coming from a couple rooms over. 

Let's just say, don't let this sweet face fool ya! 

So I go into the room the pups are in to discover dog puke everywhere. I'm immediately like "What the heck?!?!"....

Turns out, this happened: 

Yes, sweet loveable spazzy Peyton got  into a tube of Desitin diaper cream and proceeded to eat the entire thing. Granted, she's been known to eat vaseline before--- but Desitin?? Really Peyton?! 

Needless to say, peroxide to the rescue to further induce vomiting  I cleaned up the mess in the other room and kept Peyton in the bathroom overnight post peroxide. She's been back to her ususal spazzy self since. 

She sure knows how to push mama's buttons! Between jumping the fence constantly (Something she learned from her younger sister Gracie) and eating random stuff, and digging endless holes in the backyard.. yea she's a special one for sure! 

Just glad we didn't end up at the emergency vet.

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