Friday, October 5, 2012

Tiny Change

This past week I've been on the hunt for additional storage solutions and how to maximize the space in my home. Some do a spring cleaning... I do a spring cleaning and fall purge. I've been going room by room, going through each box, bin, piece of furniture etc and pitching unused unneeded items.

My focus was the kitchen. I've been starting quite the collection of house plants, seedlings and cuttings lately. Once upon a time I wanted to be a botanist or horticulturalist... I've been getting back into those hobbies lately. (Amazing what free time on your hands does!)

Anyways, so my windowsill in the kitchen has been cluttered with several potted plants etc. Time to build a shelf above. I did a simple shelve from 1x2 pieces of wood with a sheet of plywood cut to fit on top. The shelf was screwed directly into the sides of the cabinets.
With the shelf, the windowsill was cleared, I can still open the window if needed etc too.  Of course, I still need to paint the shelf, but at least it's up and functioning.
Have you made any tiny changes to your home lately? Sound off below.

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