Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy House-versary!

1 Year down, 29 more to go!
 (Based on a traditional 30 year mortgage, which surely will be paid off far ahead a time)

At any rate, how do you celebrate a 1 year House-versary you ask?

Well you get a fairly decent amount of sleep the night before, you wake up in a fog, and promptly smash your finger in the sliding glass door while letting the dogs out in the morning.let the dogs out, pick up several miscellaneous things and prepare for Molly Maids to come and clean (thanks to Groupon)

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You work a full day, then swing by and pick up fresh cut flowers on the way home, run into or almost literally over Paula Deen and her Husband Michael in the shopping center parking lot, (Yes I saw Paula Deen and hubby going for dinner at Bonefish Grill) So you go home and prepare dinner and enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying a freshly cleaned house. You conclude the evening with a candle lit bubble bath, with some Barry White Miles Davis tunes. After a long day you watch Under the Tuscan Sun, because what better movie is there about home renovating and things going wrong? Of course there is Money Pit... but that was so June. 

It was 1 year ago today I spent several hours signing away my life amongst a massive stack of documents. Closing had been moved several times but finally the day had arrived.

After being at the closing attorneys office, I headed to the new place with keys in hand. My first task was pulling up some very very very doggy smelling carpet on the sun porch. In the days to follow my bestie would come and help remove it, and we'd embark on the task of wallpaper removal.

My former apartment began to look like a warehouse, packed and stacked with boxes galore.
The first 2 weeks of homeownership were hardcore, as bedrooms were de-wallpapered, the living room painted and the dining room de-wallpapered and painted. Giving me a whole 3 rooms "liveable" while months and months of work went into other areas. 

By March 19th (which was my nieces 1st birthday and we celebrated the week after in Ohio) I was officially moving in and popping the cork to having a place to call my own.

What a year its been! If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you know the year has been filled with tons of ups and downs, sleepless nights, lots of sweat, tears, injuries (not too many and mostly minor) and elbow grease.

So cheers! To one year down and many more to come! 
(Herb crusted pork lion, pan seared asparagus, sliced tomatoes and blackberry wine accented with some pomegranate) yum!

As most of the work is now done, my efforts and focus are on cleaning, organizing, decorating and accessorizing. So as rooms become "complete" stay tuned for some true before & after pictures.

Happy 1st House-versary to me!

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