Monday, June 27, 2011

It's getting hot in here..

Welcome to the Money Pit:
You know, the 1986 movie with Shelley Long..

Nothing like going to bed Friday night and waking up Saturday to the house being 80*. That's right.. The AC is broke. After getting quite flustered I gained composer and attempted to troubleshoot. (talking to myself)

"is it set to fan only?".
Nope fan Auto.
"Is the unit on"
yep on "cool...
"Is there air coming from the vents?"
yep seems room temp/warm.

Finally walking out to the backyard and looking at the unit revealed that the fan blades or whatever they are weren't spinning.

I hopped on my handy dandy iphone to the home warranty company website (since I don't have internet/cable set up at the house yet)... Submitted a claim and waited...and waited....and waited... *cricket* *cricket*

Finally after all this "waiting" I made a call to my pastor. Thankfully they had a window AC unit I could borrow. A 7 minute drive later and I was loading it into my truck.

Once home and after getting it in place I called the home warranty people. They said to call the contractor direct.. So I did.. I was given the technicians phone number to call... So I did.. to no avail.

So now the dogs and myself are all sleeping in one room.. Trying to make the best of it. AC is now fixed. YAY!

Needless to say, not much around the homestead has gotten done. Friends are also in town this week.

This week I should wrap up some loose ends I hope!

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