Thursday, February 23, 2012

Few subtle changes to bathroom

So this post, like mainly lately is delayed in timing.. A couple weeks ago I did a few minor touches and tweaks to the bathroom.

I added much needed shelving above the toilet.. These shelves were originally in the kitchen with wooden brackets that screamed COUNTRY Living. So they were taken down and re-purposed for in here.

 The other thing that got an "update" was the window. Prior to this there was a piece of brown contractor paper taped up with blue painters tape.. My never ending to do list/ I'll  get to it one day-- including putting up some curtains. So I finally DID. One thing scratched off the list.
So there you have it. a few subtle changes that took an hour or so to do that I've procrastinated 11 months on doing. Complete, done, faaaaaahhh-neee-toe! La Fin!

What project have you overly procrastinated on? What do you have planned for the upcoming weekend?

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