Friday, February 17, 2012

Steal of a deal!

Welp, I've done it.

Yes it!
(No, not that kind of it, get your head out of a gutter)
The "IT" I'm referring to is the fact I've order the Craft Room/Office/Studio space light fixture.
For a steal of a deal! 

I'm a fan and subscriber to a few "member" only decor websites. (Free to join! You think I'd pay? haha!)

Anyways my inbox today included an email from a company called Joss & Main. 

 Fabulous decor items for a fraction of the cost. Similar to The Foundary. So I scrolled through the email and saw fabulous items and one caught my eye. Varaluz..

Now if you don't know anything about Varaluz, let me tell you.... Their stuff is amazing!

"Energy efficiency certainly has an important place, but a larger impact can come from designing with responsible materials and designing out waste in the manufacturing and distribution process.
At Varaluz, we believe that lighting should not only be interesting, but sustainable. Most of our fixtures use steel that has 70% or greater recycled content and glass that is 100% recycled. We use many sustainable and reclaimed materials in our glass or shades. Whenever you see the "eco-luz" designation on our products, you can be confident that the item is made with recycled or reclaimed materials – and that we're committed to preserving the earth."

So I've had my eye on a piece from way back in the day when I used to work for a lighting store. (Okay, maybe not that far "back in the day"---like 2 years ago) Anyways, I AH'ed and OOH'ed over it.. Shopped around online and found best pricing through Or so I thought. 

Today my email changed that! 

Amazon had it listed  for $570.16! "You Save" of 24% or $176.84.
Pricey? Sure, depends on who you ask.. But unless you want run of the mill light fixtures from big box stores or home improvement centers, be prepared to pay. My time being a lighting sales rep I saw people drop far more on lighting than this.Okay, back to my story....

So I added the fixture to my wish list and there it sat for months and months waiting for the price to go down. Instead, the price went up! Bummer man!  

But behold! There the same fixture was, listed on Joss & Main, for far less the price!


 Even sweeter is the price! Same fixture, same size as intended but $250.21 less! 

Of course I jumped on it, seeing as these deals normally have a deadline of 24hours or so that the deal is "on" Again, just like The Foundary,, Groupon etc.. 

The kicker came down to shipping and handling. Via Amazon, I could've gotten free shipping and handling.. Due to the nature of the item and the fragility I paid about $130 for shipping, handling and I can only assume some tax was added in. STILL, I saved $110 on the purchase. I'll soon have a gorgeous light fixture to complete the room, and the best part, I don't feel remotely guilty in the purchase seeing as I received my tax refund today!

Thanks to everyone who initially cast votes via the blog and Facebook back in June regarding lighting for the craft room.  

These were my choices that were narrowed down: 

Other than another dozen or so odds and ends, the room is coming together handsomely beautifully! 

Hopefully this weekend I can finish tackling  the desk.. It should've been done over a week ago, but alas I've been sick with a double ear infection and a throat infection and not my 100% usual self. 

On the mend now thanks to antibiotics, tons of juice and loving friends that make sure I eat, drink tea and more importantly REST! 

So there's an update for you . Enjoy! 

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