Thursday, January 12, 2012

Potiential to be great

Funny, rant about Craigslist and then all of a sudden the Craigslist God's listen and some good stuff is to be found... I kid I kid.

At any rate, after scouring Craigslist I found some items that have the potential to be great. I hope to pick them up this weekend.

Dying to see them?
Sure you are, you know you are! Now, keep an open mind... they need some work to be fabulous...

Here's the first piece.

Kinda funky, kinda whimsical/modern. Has a good shape, the storage I need. After an update it'll be fab I think. These pictures were from the original Craigslist ad. At first I thought of using it near my front door... but it very well could be my "new" piece that holds my TV and store all my games/DVD's in the drawers. Not really sure yet. I have a tendency to have things sold from underneath me when dealing with Craigslist so, until it's loaded in my truck and on it's way home, I'm not giving it a destination in my home yet.

The next piece is far from magical.
But nonetheless they will help tackle a project or two.... Again, going to pick them up Saturday.

Any idea what I am doing with them??? Anxious to hear your thoughts below! =)

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  1. Hey gem,
    You can do what my dad with the cabinets, he put them up in the garage and now it's storage for shoes, tools, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.


  2. Take the doors off and use them as open cupboard wall shelves in your craft room? x