Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Cloffice" Chair Makeover Part 1

Well, I think it's safe to say I'm overwhelmed with tiny projects all over the house.. Things like putting back the outlet covers, or re-installing the vent covers etc. It seems that I have a never ending list of DIY stuff to do.. Which is fine, I don't mind and it keeps me busy when I get home from work.

This past weekend I spent taking down the Christmas trees and hauling them to the chipper at Home Depot, re-storing all ornaments etc up in the attic and rearranged the living room furniture. My buddy Aaron also came by and installed a new programmable thermostat for me... More on that in a later post.

Last night I tackled the "Cloffice" chair.
(Cloffice- noun. Defined as an office workspace within a closet)

*Pardon the pics, my digital camera was temporarily misplaced and so Iphone pics had to do*

Anyways, I bought this fab chair off Craigslist several months ago for I think $25. Since then Craigslist has been nothing but disappointment to me lately.  Argh. Get with the program Craigslist!!

This chair had great shape, antique-y style and solid wood. Somehow I managed to get paint on it but that's fine, it's in process of a makeover... Everything looks worse before it looks better.... Right?!
 So I went to town on this sucker. I flipped him over in the hallway which seemed to be suitable workspace for the task at hand.
The feet were just flat pegs with a felt bottom. However, after I got this chair and built the Cloffice area, I either miss measured the desk height, disregarded a proper desk height or simply screwed up... I tend to think the latter occurred. So flat feet weren't going to work. The chair had to be raised a smidge to be more ergonomically correct.
 The solution?  Antique rolly ball feet.
I found them on Amazon, they were kinda pricey at $5.97 EACH. But worth it! Just the look I was going for and added the perfect height. I used a drill bit to make a hole in each leg, popped in the socket and the stem of the foot and viola! New feet!


Oh so handsome now! Even better when I tackle phase 2 of painting this bad boy! He needs a little help from some wood clamps and wood glue before I can tackle it, but hopefully by the weekend he'll be ready for his glamor shots!

Still very much debating and struggling with additional storage in the craft room... Which stinks, because I want it to be finished and spruced up so I can begin to USE it as intended! I am planning to re-launch my Etsy shop Mid 2012 with new products.. So I need my workspace! BLARG! :o\ 

Any thoughts?

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  1. Those rolly ball feet look great on the chair. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished chair.

  2. Have you seen this post on Design Sponge?

    How about that for storage?