Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The craft room continues

The end is near. For real yo!

Last night I met with the carpetner that will be building my craft/office/studio space cabinets... I honestly have  no idea what to call that room... Studio or Office sounds better... and I get less crazy looks than when I mention "Craft room".... Whatever.

Anyways, a few days ago I thought I had a solution. I found a company called "The Cabinet Joint" online. RTA (ready to assemble) Cabinets, tons of choices, AND my most important 18" depth I needed. So I submitted a request for a quote.

The quote wasn't TOO bad but still beyond my current price range for what I wanted to spend... Did I mention I was having these quoted unfinished??? Yea... So I went back to the drawing board and figured... "Heck why am I going to pay freight charges when I can possibly find someone local??" So I posted on Facebook for references of people who could do the job and listed it on Craigslist.

I had a few responses in which I emailed them back with some quick sketches of what I had in mind and discussed my needs and style wants.

Cabinets and drawer fronts to be in a "shaker" style...
To me it's clean and simple.. some visual interest without being over bearing... and enough detail to keep it up to date and contemporary and fresh. Perfect. Again, keeping the wood unfinished as I'll paint it myself.

So I met with William, "Woody" last night to take final measurements, discuss the ins and outs of how they will look, the door overlay style, drawer extensions, if I wanted adjustable shelves, the cabinet heights etc etc. He's a small independent cabinet maker/Carpenter out of Jesup Georgia. He's been doing it for about 8+ years and brought along samples and plenty of pictures of previous work.

Most importantly he was the one to come in with a reasonable price for what I wanted. Awesomesauce. I'm sorry, this is a 7' foot cabinet length, not a full 12x12 kitchen! I'm not going to pay upwards of $1600!!! I toyed with building them myself.. but it's far too much of an undertaking... And I lack the proper tools. These will  be REAL wood construction, a combination of poplar wood and birch.

Hopefully by the end of next week  February 2-3rd the cabinets will be complete and delivered. I'll then spend the weekend painting them. I'm working on figuring out hardware styles and a counter top material/finish. I've thought of maybe a stainless like counter--- 
Or maybe a punch of color?  Not too sure. Even more unsure about cabinet hardware. Oh decisions decisions, how I hate thee!
This weekend I scoured the ReStore and found a hollow core door ( the light blue-ish one pictured) for $10. What will I do with it?? 
Make floating shelves of course! I can roughly get 4+ shelves out of the 1 door.. making each shelf about $2 or less a piece. I already have some 1x2 wood laying around to use and paint. 

I still need to tackle building some form of this desk:---and find some stools to go along
I LOVE the storage it provides...and I'll be tweaking it a bit... The one thing I want, is for it to be mobile and movable... I have quite figured out how to accomplish that. Yes I know casters.. but unsure of how many and how to make it look "right"....oh and not tip over etc. 

I still have to order the light fixture....(anyone want to donate to the fund?! haha!)

Other than dire organization (maybe some of my crafty ladies will come help) and some decorating and the light fixture, the desk, some added textile interest in the form of curtains etc, the room will finally be complete.

Right now it's been a catch all.. with the majority of stuff not having a place to be stored...

 Did your blood pressure just rise? Yea, I know, mine did too. Confession of a DIYer, everything looks worse before it looks better! I swear!

Just look how far I've come from when the room looked like this!
Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Megan; I found your blog from the new Build{Hers} Club that Sandra has started. I've enjoyed checking out your blog and can't wait to see your progress.


  2. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!