Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let there be stain!

So if you've seen my earlier post-- the floors are sanded. As of last night they have stain!
Today, doors should be hung for the craftroom, which means I can finish painting them (touch up) and finish painting the door frames etc.

Let's recap the kitchen floors shall we? Cause really I can't talk about them enough. BEST money ever spent to have a company sand them!

Before--Once all the old floor was pulled up. (I did the demo)
After Against the Grain Hardwood flooring came in and sanded
And after last night, I hand applied the stain which is a Minwax cherry. It matches the rest of the floors in the house (despite them being oak). I'll touchup some areas tonight with a slightly darker stain for some additional beauty and play up some more of the character in the floors.
Then I'll move onto 3 coats of Poly and stay off the floors until the weekend.
There used to be a old swinging door for the kitchen between the kitchen and the dining room. The hardware pin is still in the upper part of the door frame, and once the floor was pulled up the bottom plate was found. If I take out the plate, there's an indentation in the floor.. So I'm going to clean up the plate and leave it in place. Once the threshold is cut and down and stained it'll cover a smidge.. and besides, who doesn't love a little history and charm?! I think it's cool! The original door is up in the attic-- but I have no desire to rehang it.

The grey "wire" is the telephone line. I'll reconnect it to a jack box and it'll be out of the way eventually.

I still need to finish painting in the kitchen with a second coat on the walls, and do all the trim once the floors are 100% done. I'll be cutting new quarter-round and paint all the baseboards etc. Right now it makes no sense to do it before staining the floors because they are still getting splattered on with stain etc.

So there you have it, one BIG item off my to-do list.. and the motivational kick I needed to continue plowing through and tying up lose ends all over the house!

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