Friday, August 26, 2011

Kitchen floors are SANDED!

and the crowds cheer! and clap their hands! and turn around! and do a happy dance! and jump up and celebrate!..... Ok you get the idea! I came home a very very happy woman when I walked into my kitchen this evening.

Let's back up tho....

This was how the kitchen began... simple enough... not bad, just dated and not my style...
After a little of this, it was discovered hardwood floors existed under there.
After multiple hours of  digging, scraping, cutting and burning myself on adhesive remover, the floors looked like this:
That's adhesive, tar like paper, and who knows what else left behind.
Finally 4 floor companies later I found a company to tackle the job of sanding. A sander from Home Depot's rental department wouldn't of cut the mustard on this!

Frank and his team of two guys were amazing. I met them on lunch.. within moments the gear was in the kitchen.. the one guy did the main portion of the floor while another guy was on his hands and knees doing the perimeter of the room. They replaced two boards that were rotted, patched some gaps and cracks etc and were done by the time I was home from work!

I managed to snap a few pictures when I first saw them at lunch.. Unfortunately I've misplaced my camera cable.. and my memory card is being asked to be formatted by my laptop... so those pics will have to wait and you'll have to deal with my crummy Iphone pics for now..

Pardon the glare but I was standing outside the closed backdoor in my respirator when these were taken.

Coming off like butter! (Ok, maybe not THAT easy... but the grinder made it ALOT easier)

It was a hoss of a machine!

Look at that beauty being revealed after 50+ years of being covered up!

I stood amazed and this was only about 10-15 minutes into the job!
 This was the guy who did all the edges on his hands and knees.
Now... for the moment we've all been waiting for...

Imagine my surprise....

When I got off work....

Came home....





TADA!!! Floors sanded! It'll be Sunday before I am able to stain/seal them. I am taking a pilgrimage to IKEA in Atlanta tomorrow.. (4 hour drive there, 4 hour drive back--yes I'm nuts)

I'm leaving at about 6am.

One thing about having the floors done.. or semi done now.. Is it makes it stand out on how bad the baseboards look etc. So I'll add that to the task list of things to paint. I also need to probably put in a threshold between the kitchen and dining room to ease in the transition from the oak floors to the pine in the kitchen..

Thoughts? Comments? Compliments? Leave em below.

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