Thursday, August 25, 2011

Floor company found!

Finally found a floor company to do the floors. They start tomorrow and could possibly be done tomorrow too. I hope it's good work. Its EXTREMELY hard for me to give over this type of control. They are just coming to sand, I'll be staining and sealing this weekend. Even still it makes me nervous and giddy all the same.

Once the floors are done, appliances can be delivered and boxes belonging to the kitchen can be unpacked and finally the end will be near. Sure, I'll still have weekend projects etc but it won't be the marathon I've been running for the past 6 months.

I am thoroughly looking forward to filling my house with love. I can't wait to host potlucks and dinners and coffee dates and have friends kids play in the yard and teach others how to garden and have ladies over for crafty nights and stay up late talking to friends or having heart to hearts or shedding tears or praying or bible studies or having old school pj movie nights and.... and...and... Well the list could go on and on..not to mention I'm giving a college kid a place to live.. I'm looking forward to it all.

My biggest "wish list" item the moment is a porch swing for my front porch. In due time. My little porch just calls for a swing. Maybe something like this?  But in some other color.. and silver chains..
And a freshly painted door in some other color than white.. And a painted porch floor and flowers in pots.....

I'm blessed beyond measure with all the friends giving me referrals to skilled tradesmen, handymen and those who have spent time painting or stripping wallpaper or cleaning up.. My friends are too good to me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow. I'll most likely have pictures to post.

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