Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Craft room doors!

Came home last night to the craft room having doors! YAY! I love how progress can be made while I'm at work-- maybe this is why people pay OTHER people to do jobs?! Go figure! At any rate, Andy was great to work with.

This is a view from my foyer directly  into the room. Still no power in their since I have yet to order the ceiling fixture. Easier to keep the room "dead" for now.

In the true nature of any install, sometimes things don't go as planned. Since the new hinges were going in the old holes, dowels were put in. However there was a gap between the door casing and the frame and this little booger came through. Leave it to me, Miss Detailed to find this. I texted the picture over to Andy and busted his chops about it a bit. All in good fun. I thought it was pretty funny! Note to self, always check your work!

One of the joys of a old house is settling.. Or poor craftsmanship.. After the door was hung, it was discovered the door jamb is not completely plumb.. I can either leave as is.. or be completely OCD and come up with a solution to correct the visual flaw.. hmmm.. Not quite sure how yet..

My friend Amy K posted yesterday, "GLASS?? now you can't leave the craft room a mess or someone will see it! Smart thinking!"

In which I replied,

"More like because it's glass, I'll have to keep it clean ;) I love it..." 

Can't wait to settle in and use it!! 

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