Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor(ing) Day!

Happy Labor Day! Where to begin? Painting and cleaning and unpacking oh my!
I'm sitting at Starbucks enjoying my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.. mmm It may still be in the 90's but it's fall in my book!

Saturday was a big day. Lots of errand running, prepping, cleaning and the biggest delivery of my life!
My APPLIANCES!!! YAY!! It made for one VERY VERY happy girl! Finally my kitchen has started to feel like a kitchen and I don't completely despise it.

The delivery guys contracted out to HHgregg were awesome! Super nice and helpful and I can't speak highly enough of Carl and Jose.
I was thinking they'd use a dolly or something to move everything in. Nope! Just this strap device that attached to both of them.. and muscle. Lots of muscle. They made it look easy as pie! I was super impressed!
 Here they are getting it "under" the stove. My "Saturday Kids" were with me to watch the activities.
 And the lift!
 Insert whistling here. Haha! I swear, they acted like it was nothing!
 In it goes!
 Down into position! Without scratching the floors.
 Next up was the refrigerator.
 The sliding drawer had to come out.. Makes it easier on the guys.
 Getting the strap under the fridge.
 Adjusting the strap on themselves.
 And now for the lift and carry!
 Cake walk!
It fit all the doorways thankfully. And I learned a new trick. When getting a fridge in a tight doorway, open the fridge door. That way you can swing the fridge in.. and it gives a little more wiggle room. Genius! I struggled so much with my friend Aaron to get the old fridge into the dining room.. Never again!
 Finally it was into position and the wheels that had to come off were attached, the drawer inserted and bam. Megan has a kitchen!
 I've spent a majority of the weekend beginning to unpack the kitchen and wash up everything. Even did a little shopping trip to Cost Plus World Market for new dishes. The ones I had (which I'll keep for special occasions) have a metal rim on them.. Therefore you can't microwave them. Grr! Wish I thought about that before I bought them!
All the notes on the brown contractor paper are my notes telling me where to put things. I spent a fair share of last night texting pics to my friend Jenn in Texas about where to place things and what made sense where. I can space plan all day long, clean like the best of them... but organizing is not my strong suite! 
 Kinda looks like my previous 700 square foot apartment barfed all over my kitchen. I still need to paint the inside of the drawers, which are why there are not in position yet. They are sitting on the sunporch.
Progress is coming! I'm debating whether or not to flip the handle on the fridge to the other side. Eventually there will be a base cabinet between the fridge and stove.. Makes more sense to have the handle on the right side.. but we'll see. Right now I'm just glad to have a fridge that doesn't leak air, that doesn't make crazy noises and isn't a heavy beast like the old one. My bottom drawer freezer and
I are bound to be BFF (Best friends forever). GA Power comes to get the old unit at the end of the month. I'll get a rebate for them hauling it away. So it's worth the wait!
I've also painted my future roommates room this weekend. But pics will just have to wait. I'm updating at Starbucks and it's been painful to just upload these pics.

4 Days until Elizabeth is here. So much left to do! Hoping to paint the bathroom tomorrow night and get that in order. At this point "overflow" is all in the craft room which will have to be sorted later. Main things are to get her room ready, her closet "rebuilt" (Since it had the stack washer/dryer in it, I need to redo the shelving, patch the walls etc etc) and clean up alot of the 6 months of construction/remodel/demo dust laying around.

Where is the red bull when I need it?

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