Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Found my match

I have found my match. That being the kitchen floor. It simply will not come up without a fight. It's hotter than he(double hockey sticks) and I've been wearing an outfit like this to do so:

Can we say instant sauna??? I come out a drenched puddle of sweat... So I'm going to hire help instead. Why not? I have room in the budget and these floors are worth it! I've gotten a small portion up:
(Pardon the glare-- this was taken looking through the backdoor..)

Help came in this form the other night:

Have you quit laughing yet?
Yep I walked into the kitchen to see Gracie on the ladder.. I snapped this pic and then she was down and playing with her sisters. Now if only I could teach her how to paint or something!!

Speaking of help, my neighbors had this help the other day:

I didn't know back hoes were used to remove wisteria bushes! Ok, well really I think they had some other issue but I'm not sure what it was.. It was funny walking out into my yard in a sleepy daze to see it tho! (Turns out that they had to replace/fix their plumbing line.. hence the REAL reason the back hoe was there-- but they also removed wisteria bushes along the back fence with it as well)

And that's all folks! I'm gonna reward myself with some ice cream and call it a night.

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