Monday, August 8, 2011

Small and tiny progress

I've been incredibly slack in updating.. but it's hard to update, and make progress and update and make progress all at the same time..

But trust, work is still being done and changes being made. Even if I don't have much to show for it.

The hallway to the bedrooms has been painted... In lieu of choosing another paint color.. I just used leftovers from the living room. The same color also was painted in the entry closet. Why shell out more money for nothing? I had JUST enough paint to cover both areas. Anywho, I still need to paint the ceiling and wire up a new lighting fixture..(once I find one I like) I did all the cutting in and then my helper rolled the walls after a demo on how to paint. She did a great job for an 8 year old! 

The kitchen this weekend also saw the first coat of paint.. Yellow I've decided is a VERY hard color to select! The first yellow looked like bright-lemon-yellow-on-speed type yellow. The light fixture that's currently hanging casts a blue hue in the kitchen.. which makes everything look green.. I can't WAIT for a new light in the kitchen! Something that's the right color temperature!

Everything has to look worse before it looks better...... right?!

This wall will eventually have some upper cabinets, and it's the wall that gets the refrigerator and stove.
Nothing like the dining room housing the fridge! and all my tools etc!
By Saturdays end I was looking like this... ready to tackle tearing up the kitchen floor. It proved to be no easy feat... I thought I only had a layer or two.. turns out it's about 4. I couldn't find my pry bar at the time which made the job alot harder.. and I didn't have adhesive remover... I've since found/gotten both and will tackle the floor this week. Until then it's a closed up/sealed off area.. and you may ask why I'm tearing it up?

Well there's soon to be gorgeous hardwood floors underneath. It'll make a huge difference in the kitchen..

And for less than the cost of peel and stick tile, it'll be worth it!

Stay tuned for more this week!

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