Saturday, June 4, 2011

War on drywall

Tonight was another great night of progress! My friend Crystal and her husband Joey joined in the fun tonight. Friends and beer what more could anyone ask for? Needless to say it was GREAT! Three people three different tasks... Ahh it's coming along!

Crystal the wallpaper stripping diva took over in the kitchen removing the rest of the paper where I left off.

She's a great friend to be putting up with that steam when we've already had 96* days! The wallpaper is almost removed.

While Crystal did wallpaper, Joey worked on backing out the nails to all the old trim from the craft room. I was lucky enough to salvage it. It'll be sanded, primed, painted and re-hung when the craft room is ready.

So while that was going on, I was hanging the last few tiny pieces of drywall around the door frames.

The room is now 100% drywalled.

That made for a very happy me!

Most pieces weren't bad to hang except for a couple 7' long sections. Occasionally a stud was missed despite marking where they were on the floor. One thing is for sure, this house was built right!

In the kitchen Joey also worked to remove the chair rail. I wasn't crazy about it in there. Particularly since it was at a different height than the adjacent dining room one. Plus it made the kitchen feel even more "country" than it already does. So goodbye chair rail!! Plus men like destroying things! Joey had it out in no time!

While wallpaper continued to be removed, I began the war on drywall.

I won. It wasn't much of a fight. Drywall now has a first coat of mud. Some drywall pieces didn't match up exactly depth wise so there's some filling in to do. However it's now drying nicely with a fan in that room.

And that's a wrap folks!

Tomorrow is a day of yardsaling, sanding mud, second coating and possibly getting trim sanded and primed.

A busy weekend ahead no doubt!

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