Sunday, June 5, 2011

Working hard

Let me introduce you to the summer fashion that is all the rage: Work Hard Play Harder. It's sure to have the talk of the town! Perfectly accessorized with drywall mud it'll have everyone swooning. You can get this same look for the low low price of Sweat Equity. Contact me today for details on how to order yours! =)

Maybe I've been inhaling too much drywall dust ;o) A second coat of mud went on half the walls. The other two walls still need sanding. My muscles are getting a work out!

This morning I discovered this in the garden:
Yep, the first watermelon! Maybe by the time it's ready I'll be ready to have my house warming!

While I sanded and mudded Molly, Peyton and Gracie were playing in the yard. Gracie decided to give herself a mud mask. Silly puppy!!
Just like their mama the troublesome trio like getting dirty!

Tonight it's off to a friend sons first birthday. My church said goodbye to the YMCA as a meeting spot and next weekend will meet in a newly rented space. I'm going over there to help paint the kids rooms.

I'll probably return home to finish out the sanding and hopefully 2nd coat the other two walls. This coming week is ball to the wall for progress. I am out of town next week for work. Off to good ol' Orlando for a trade show. While I am there I'm making a much needed stop at Ikea since between Orlando or Atlanta those are my closest ones.

I leave on Tuesday and come back either Friday or Saturday. While I am gone I hope to have the craft room floor sanded and drying with coats of stain and polyurethane. The house has hardwood floors throughout and overall they are in good condition, except for the room of the craft room. Minor sanding and a fresh coat should bring them back to life. :)

Off and running! (If your reading this: Hi Mom!)

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