Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Their back!

Fleas that is.. I've been battling what seems like a never ending battle for a couple weeks now. Finally I think we (dogs and me) are on the mend. All pups had two baths in two weeks, the exterminator has been out to bomb and spray the house for a second time, I've become a vacuuming fool. MPG all had a fair bit of fleas combed out the other night in the bath. Each dog took an hour to bathe. I've treated the yard with spray, granules and diatomaceous earth. A big part of the problem is the yard has very sandy soil which fleas LOVE! I've put down cedar mulch in the primary area the dogs lay, with the intent to put down more this weekend in other areas.

A friend of mine told me to take a pie pan, fill  it with soapy water and put a lamp over it.. I did and placed it by the dog crate and this is what was there the following morning...
So off to Petsmart I went..

After what feels like dousing the house in powder and vacuuming and spraying..and baths, the next morning the tin looked like this:
Far better! My bedroom too had a pie tin but it wasn't nearly as bad as the living room. It'll hopefully be fully cleared up in a few more weeks.. Vacuuming is key in order to get all alive fleas, larve and eggs..

What a pain!

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  1. I was drawn to your site because you refinished your hardwood floors the same way I did and I also noticed we purchased our homes the same month! But I also have dogs and am familiar with the flea problem have you thought about treating the dogs with Advantage Multi. I use this product on my dogs because its a flea treatment as well as heartworm and parasitic worm treatment. Once a month and it confers some protection to the areas were the animals sleep and play. I don't know if you are homeopathic with your animals but didn't think so because I saw the Adams products in your pictures. If you haven't solved this problem, try treating them with this. Its prescription so you have to get it from the vet. Hope it helps!