Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Demo continues

Demo has continued on the soon to be craft room. I've been very busy with other things so it's hard to find time to pick up the mallet and go to town---without it being 10pm at night.. I doubt my neighbors would like that very much. Anyways! Insulation and supplies are taking up my living room:

I can't wait to get the house in some type of order!!
This was found behind the second wall I took down-- can't tell what it is?? Well it's a whole lot of mouse poop.. I can't figure out where they came in... but it all seems old and when I'm done with the room they won't ever be back.

This is the second wall complete.. The window made it a heck of a lot harder to take down the paneling.. Mostly in part because I refused to take apart the whole window casing. Finally all the paneling on this wall was removed.

Last night I did wall 3. It came down by far the easiest. Maybe after 2 other walls I'm becoming an expert on taking this crap down. However.. I discovered a semi-rotted sole or "bottom" plate.. The wall shares with the closet the furnace is in-- which had a piss poor installation and caused condensation to leak back ONTO the furnace itself and the floor surrounding.. Hence-- when I get a new furnace the whole closet area will have to be demoed and redone I'm sure.. As for now.. this little area will be reinforced and that'll be that. It's still sound enough where it's not going anywhere.

 Whatever you do: Don't try this at home kids! =) Demo is serious business.
I've been called "Rambette" vs Rambo... or "Bobbi Villa".. hahahaha! Hope to have the walls closed up in the new couple of weeks.
 Let the work continue!
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