Friday, May 27, 2011

Lighting Dilemma

Well, the craft room is gutted. The electrician is coming this weekend to pull all new wiring and add some new receptacles and update the hallway lighting as well since it's accessible right now. Then I can pull the AV cables, put in some blocking (to support heavy shelves, future flat screen etc), insulate the walls and begin to close them up.

While I've been at a stand still for that room.. I am beginning the kitchen upgrades. I've begun to strip the wallpaper off the walls in that room. This week hasn't provided a lot of time to work, so I'm very much looking forward to the 3 day weekend!
Kitchen during pre-bought walk through
I plan to update the counter tops, possibly the cabinet hardware, paint the walls, update flooring and replace the hideous light fixture..

Ok the light fixture isn't THAT bad.. However! It's a circular fluorescent bulb, and the fixture cover broke (or at least is missing) and the wattage is only 22 watts which amounts to a regular 75w bulb.. Clearly not enough light-- and it's cool white which leaves you having that "exam room" feel to it.. BLAH! My dilemma is a) I haven't found anything I like to replace it and b)my ceiling is only 8' so if I get a chandelier type fixture it can be no more that 18" H and mounted right up against the ceiling.. It needs to provide ample light too since it's my only source other that two windows that face East and South.... Ho hum.

Open to any suggestions for fixtures......

My Evenings: Beer and wallpaper stripping. It's a hard knock life. =)

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