Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phew! A 3 day weekend of progress!

New wiring on South/East walls
Alrighty, well what a weekend it's been! Happy belated Memorial day ya'll!
Had an electrician come on Saturday and completely re-wire the craft room/office. Added some more receptacles (outlets) as well.

Craft room ceiling fan.
New wiring went back to the panel and the room is electrically "dead" right now. Sometime this coming week I'll pick up the actual outlets and get those in place. Once drywall is up then the room will be reconnected to the panel and have power once again. I'm using a lamp on an extension cord brought in from another room for now.

The ceiling fan/light was taken down and will be replaced.

Not a fan of the brass/cain combo.. Plus it was only a 60w lightbulb in there.

New wiring and tv outlet added on West wall.

A  new outlet was added about 60" above the floor in anticipation of a future flat panel (small). That way if I do add one, the infrastructure and power is there and it'll be a nice seamless install without wires and cables showing all over the place. I still need to add some wood supports between the studs in order to properly mount a wall mount for the flat panel. Again-- all in plans for the future. 
Also at this time I'm doing to run the pathways for AV stuff like cables to connect the tv to the laptop, or a dvd player etc.
New outlet on North wall

One outlet was added under the window, since the wall didn't previously have one.

Light in hallway..

At the same time accessibility for the hallway switch and light fixture and outlet was available, so the electrician went ahead and broke the craft room onto a separate circuit from the hallway and the rest of the house. Hence, my hallway is also electrically dead. The light fixture has been taken down as well. Not sure what I am putting in it's place... The attic pull down stairs (which broke this weekend and are now screwed shut) are on one side of the fixture, and the whole house fan louvered vent is on the other side. So not much room but yet the hallway needs some sort of light there....

An outlet was also added into the closet area which will be a computer desk/ workstation. I felt it was important to provide an outlet there. Again to streamline the clean and fresh look of the room and to try and hinder wires from being everywhere.

As you can see, I have some holes to patch. Haha!

Scrap wire has been piled up and needs to be stripped of the plastic coating. I'll then take it to the metal scrap yard for a couple bucks..

On Sunday my friend Tia came and cut the front grass. The back is semi-dead and bare so no point in cutting it until I get it growing again. I have yet to get a lawn mower. Tia is a lean mean mowing machine. She had the yard done so quick. All the grass clippings went into the compost bins. Woohoo!

Sunday I worked on more insulation. I have the room about 85% insulated minus the wall I still need to run cables down etc. It might not even get insulation..

 Insulation carried onto Monday as well. I had a friends 3 kids so it was hard to do anything interior project wise. Instead we did outdoor stuff and enjoyed the sunshine and heat.

They helped to plant my herbs, re-stack a junky pile of firewood into something organized, trimmed the edge of the grass out front by the sidewalk

(Tyme, oregano, dill and my raspberry plants)

Firewood looks so much better stacked in some sort of a pile!

Sunday evening, I walked thru the garden and collected a small harvest. A handful of collard greens, some green beans, mint, a japanese eggplant, lettuce and two SUPER hot jalapenos.. Lesson learned: the longer the are on the plant, the hotter they get. Holy cow!

I also noticed a slight rash from all my insulation handling.. This was after I had showered so it was most likely caused by washing any fiberglass.. It cleared up within an hour. 

This week I fully intend on finishing the insulation. Pulling the AV stuff and starting (come hell or high water) the drywall. I NEED my craft space done.

I feel like once one room is 100% other rooms will be falling in place in short order.

I brought some Christmas stuff up into the attic-- which even that little bit started to REALLY clear up floor space in other rooms where it was stored. I just can't wait to finally get settled and be able to entertain in my home.. and FINALLY throw a house warming party..

I'm soon to have a bunch of painting to do if anyone wants to help. Let the projects continue!!

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  1. Girl, it seems like you are making fast progress!

  2. I am trying! Been in the house 4 ish months so far! Anxiously awaiting being able to fully unpack the boxes!