Monday, October 8, 2012

Toddler Painting

I mentioned a bit ago I had traveled to Boston in July, pre-mid-life-crisis, worldcomingtoanend saga of August.

My nieces pieces lives there and this other than her 1st Birthday, this was the only other time I have gotten to see her. Ok, I take that back, her uncles Wedding Sept 2011 too.

Needless to say at 2 1/2 she's a blast to be around. We had fun touring the city by foot, and train.  She has endless enthusiasm for carousels, which are in several parks there. 

We enjoyed Mexican Tapas dining and Crabmeat sandwiches and oysters. We got to ride on the Swan Boats and enjoyed a weekend get away to Cape Cod.
One of the last mornings I was there, still in Pj's we hung out on the front porch and created a little artwork. Ginny LOVED it.  We loosely followed the idea of Cherry Blossom artwork which has been seen all over the place lately. 
 First I explained and showed Ginny how we were going to do it. I brought all the supplies with me as I traveled. I'm sure the airline thought I was slightly nutty... oh well! 

Then she helped to apply paint and stamp. 
Finally, like any artist she had to "sign" her name. --We used letter stamps for her name. 
Afterwards she had fun being outside in her panties.. and proceeded to "hide" one of the letter stamps in her undies proclaiming, "Auntie, where's the letter go?" haha-- too cute. 

After a scrubby dub in the tub, the artist was ready to reveal her masterpiece. 
 If that's not one proud little artist, then I don't know what is! 

I hope to be able to see her again real soon. We skype occasionally but not often enough. Oh how I miss her so! 

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