Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nothing exciting

Wow! Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments, emails etc from my Podcast segment. It was entirely too much fun and I could've talked much longer! hahah!

No super exciting updates for this week. Life has semi taken over. My pup Molly has been dealing with a mystery rash-- I can only assume after climbing into the compost bin that fire ants attacked her.
This past weekend I caught Molly, Peyton AND Gracie all in the first compost bin (out of my 3 bin system) grazing away like a bunch of billy goats. Molly's face, tummy and thighs are all red and yucky. She's on Benadryl and Cortizone cream. I hope it works. It's only day two of any sort of meds... so hopefully by the weekend it clears up.

I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule soon.
In lieu of my own ultra exciting  blog post, I did a guest blog post over at Water & Chocolate. Go check it out and consider it your civil duty for the week.  There's also an awesome coffee giveaway over there too if you're a coffee fan like myself. Leave some love, enter to win some coffee and enjoy your week!

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