Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1001 things to do

Do you ever wonder how everything on a to do list will get done?
Or have you ever done something in a hurry and sub par knowing at some point you'll go back to it and make it 100% perfect and the way you intended?

Or have you jumped from B-Z and skipped step A??


Kinda how I feel right now.

My house to do list seems miles and miles long. Mostly filled with simple tasks that would only take 30 minutes to complete.. or less... or more.. But I lack the motivation to continue.. Some tasks are a year or more out of reach for $$ reasons.. but hopefully they will get tackled too.

With the gorgeous weather we are having I'm too easily distracted to spend all my time outside in the yard and garden...and getting down and dirty in the dirt.. The sun is glorious and I've begun outdoor projects that I should hold off on... since 1 year later most rooms still don't have the register vents back on the walls!

Go figure. Yes.. I start projects and have a very very difficult time completing them.

So even though the house is far from finished and no 1 room is 100% complete... I'm doing outdoorsy projects and planning to ALREADY re-paint my bedroom wall color and have a dream to finish that room once and for all.. Complete with a new ceiling fan.

I have one regret so far-- and that is that I didn't have my floors all over the house sanded, stained and re-sealed. In many areas it's as if poly doesn't exist on them!  It makes mopping floors such a chore! Live and learn. Hopefully in due time I can have this done.

At any rate.. this weekend was a weekend of gardening... with my truck looking like this:
 I had a vision in mind to plant around the base of my Crepe Myrtle tree out in the front yard.  I used a can of regular ol' spray paint to mark the area... Then digging began to loosen all the clumps of grass.
 Once dirt was dug and grass mostly removed. We added amendments in the form of compost, and top soil to my very very sandy soil.
After that, plants were laid out and dug in and patted into place. Completed tree ring AND we beat out a major thunderstorm.
The area was planted with a variety of various perennials. Hopefully they will do well in this spot! 

Already midweek I am anxiously awaiting the weekend!
What have you been up to lately??

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