Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Craft workstation begun!

Last night I begun to take this pile of lumber  and begin to turn it into my workstation for the craft room..
I also picked up one of these boogers too.
It's the General Tools EZ Pro Deluxe PocketHole Jig Kit. Similar to the Kreg Jig, minus the price tag.
I did a few unsuccessful attempts.. Just to try it out. Note* it needs to be held at the very edge of your wood like so:
 Your wood needs to be fully seated in the jig to properly work.. Lesson learned.
 Before long I was ready to rock and roll assembling!
 I clamped things the best I could as I screwed them into place. I used a level to check my plumbness and make sure things were going straight. Some of my wood was bowed out and that made it a semi pain to work with.
 1 leg...... 2 leg ..........
 Within minutes (so it seemed) I had one side in progress.
About an hour total- I had both sides at a stopping point for the night. I was getting tired and didn't trust myself with sawing more wood... Which is on the to do list for tonight. 
 Stay tuned for progress! =)

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