Thursday, August 18, 2011

Throwing in the towel.

I Quit. Not really.. but I quit the kitchen floor.
I will continue to work on it over the weekend, but after that I am leaving it to a pro to do.
I simply don't have the patience or time on my side right now. I will stain and seal the floor-- I'm just leaving it to a pro to sand. I have a guy coming Friday or Saturday for a quote.

Somehow time has escaped me and just last night it occurred to me that I have a roommate moving in in about 20 days. Roommate moving in, and still a bedroom to paint for them, a closet to add storage to, and a to-do list including UNPACKING that's a mile long.
Not to sure how it'll all get done.

Maybe I need something like this?

Hopefully I can finish up ALOT of minor detail things this weekend. I think a crap ton of painting is on the agenda.. and cleaning and organizing and yea.. all that good stuff..

Stay tuned.. It's a crazy ride.

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