Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick Change: Closet

One of the things that has yet to be addressed in the craft room, is the closet. The closet is going to be my laptop work station while the rest of the room will be be for craftiness.

Other than reconfiguring the shelves and adding a desk top not too much has to be done to the closet.
I still need to wire the receptacle in there.. and that silver hole in the wall will be for future cables etc to connect the laptop to a future flat panel.

The biggest challenge of the closet was skim coating the walls. They previously had a rough texture that I've cut my knuckles on one too many times. So it had to go. Thanks to my helpers that sanded this weekend, it was ready for paint.
Last night it looked like this.
 Before bed, I cut in with the wall color.
 This morning I found myself up at 5:15am way ahead of my alarm and decided to go ahead and get the first coat on. It's one shade lighter than the rest of the room.
More door painting, trim painting and window painting tonight. I'm so ready for this to wrap up!
In case you missed it, I skim coated July 4th weekend 
Next up: my kitchen!

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