Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kitchen Progress

 Over this past weekend several small things were done.
I had my friends girls Saturday per the usual routine. The two oldest are big helps. The youngest took a nap after lunch and allowed us to focus on the tasks at hand.

 Both girls took turns removing the last of the kitchen wallpaper. My friend Aaron came to the rescue--- 1st to remove a dead rat out of the laundry shed, and 2ndly to help move the refrigerator out of the kitchen.

 Sister 1 taking the top portion down

 Sister 2 finished the job.

 The dining room is now home to the Fridge. Pardon the boxes-- they all belong in kitchen once the kitchen is done.. minus the circular saw.. haha!

I've been working the last few nights to patch the walls-- where the chair rail was, are pretty deep areas to fill. It basically ripped out part of the wall when it came out. Oh well! Nothing a little drywall mud can't fix!

The good news is... the house is 100% De-wallpapered!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!! 4 Rooms later and not an ounce of wallpaper left!
Hoping to sand and begin priming tonight!

(oh and I'm still playing with my new camera-- this pictures are rather noisy.. sorry!)

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