Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love spray paint!

Spray paint has been my right hand man lately. I love it! Flaws be gone!

A few subtle changes have been made in a couple areas of the house lately thanks to spray paint.
I've been big on multi-tasking lately... Just last night I was using anything I could find to prop up the wallpaper steamer so I could have it steam away and not need to stand there. While I had it steaming away I could be elsewhere doing some other project.

Like these:

 This used to be a pull chain vent in the kitchen-- the pull chain is gone and from what I can tell this is non-working unless I manually prop it open on the outside of the house.. Not sure how to remove it, and haven't found a replacement... so spray paint to the rescue!
Here's a close up of the yuckiness.
And After:

Spray paint also came in handy for two other areas in my hallway..
I have a "whole house fan" located in the hallway. With the house being built in 1946- this was an efficient way to cool a house back in the day. Especially on a cool night.. Open some windows in opposite sides of the house and turn this bad boy on. Unfortunately for the time being it doesn't work. The belt is off the motor-- and these are slowly making a come back as "green" or "eco friendly".. Hence, there is probably a more energy efficient version out there. Until I can figure out how to replace it-- here it stands as an eyesore. Pardon the crappy lighting but the electricity in the hallway is not on yet so I'm using a floor lamp for now.

This pic gives you an idea of where it is located.. The picture was taken from my bedroom door way.. to the right is the bathroom, straight ahead is the dining room-- that string is the pulldown steps to the attic.
Ahhhh much better!
That brown box on the side of the wall also got a makeover.. It's the doorbell thing. (Whatever it is called)

Now with these mini projects complete, the hallway it ready for sanding and painting.
Just need to decide what color for the hallway.. hmmmm thoughts??

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