Monday, July 11, 2011

Beginning of the kitchen

When I saw the house, the kitchen looked something like this:

View from dining room doorway.

 View from sunporch.

Not too shabby but not my taste either. Pretty country if you ask me... Functional but drab.. and the lighting is only a circular bulb that's about 60watts. It adds to the blue overtone of the kitchen... So a few weeks ago, Crystal the wallpaper stripping Diva came over and began to strip wallpaper. Her hubby took down the chair rail. You can read more about it here.
So now the kitchen looks like this...

I know what your thinking.... "Whaaaaaaaa.....??" Something is missing you say? Yep. Sold the stove that sat in that spot this morning on Craigslist. Two guys came and got it on my lunch hour.. Afterwards I did a little happy dance. It revealed that funky wallpaper behind it.. which I think was home to a stove originally like this:

In 30 or so days it'll be replaced by this:
And the fridge that was PAINTED by the renters will be replaced by this:
In the next few days I hope to put up a sketch of what I have in mind for the kitchen. Excited about this next project and it's keeping my occupied while I wait for polyurethane to set up on the craft room floor.

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  1. Hey There I am your latest follower because anybody that lives in Savannah Georgia I will follow LOL


    I found you on the blog Between Naps on the Porch where she did an old post about the Jim Williams house. I tourned that house last October,
    I live in Columbia Missouri

    was hoping to visit your city again this October

    So glad to meet you.

    I met Chery Day from Back in the Day Bakery and love her

    please go the the bakery and tell her Hi for me

    Janice Dauksch

  2. Awesome! Welcome to my chaos!