Monday, June 13, 2011

Pluggin' and chuggin'

This weekend was another of progress.

Finally the craft room is gaining some ground. Other than small areas above the doors and one teenie tiny area in the corner (about 3 inches wide, no joke) the sanding of drywall is complete.. The 3" little area is almost impossible to get into.. However when I roughly put the door trim back up, that corner is exposed. So it needs to be sanded. I might have to hire child labor for that area! =)

It's amazing how thick that wood paneling was.. I also made the biggest mistake and accidentally somehow threw out the 4th piece of baseboard for the room.. So new baseboards are on the shopping list now..

I had a revelation this weekend too. I was painting the actual color coat on the room and realized, "Holy crap I've done all this!"
---From demo, to insulation, to drywall hanging, taping, mudding, sanding, priming and now painting. I can't take credit for the electrical but that's okay. I've done far more than any other 24 year old I know!

I had help from the Saturday youngin's I watch, this weekend filling in nail holes on the window/door casings. My friend Whitney came over on Sunday afternoon and sanded/primed all the door/window casings that will go up again. Once everything is re-assembled I'll give it all it's final coat of paint.

Walls are 98% painted. I'd show you a picture-- but I'm keeping the room top secret from this point on until it's 100% done. (Or pretty dang close) I will tell you, I've abandoned all color ideas that were seen here: Craft Room Colors

I still have work to do in the rooms closet--turning that into an office niche and media center. Drywall needs to be patched, the whole closet needs skim coated as it has a rough texture right now.. and I need to reconfigure the shelves and custom build the desktop etc.

I keep reminding myself that this is a marathon not a sprint-- but I'm really eager to have my craft space 100% so things that belong in their can stop taking up space in other areas of the house. I'm ready to  unpack the boxes and live a little!

I appreciate tremendously all the help I've gotten here and there. Even commenting on Facebook or here on the blog has been a huge help in continuing to keep me motivated. If you've come to paint, strip wallpaper, mow my grass or any other task  it's been fully noted and appreciated. I have some rockstar friends willing to help and learn new things!

No progress this week. I'm heading to Orlando for work... and better shopping than what Savannah has.

Orlando, Disney, Ikea.....oh my!
I'll try to update on the road... I'm bound to come across some flea market finds or something..

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