Thursday, June 30, 2011

House Warming Cake

My good friend Justyna who works for Alliance Bakery and Cafe' in Chicago, graced my inbox with this sketch for my housewarming cake. If and whenever I have my party.. And trust, there WILL be a party no doubt! Isn't it cute?!?! I'm going to tweak it a little but I love the direction she took the cake. I didn't think of doing anything like this.. More-so I thought a "house" cake.


I have a slight DIY background in doing fondant cakes. It's been forever since I've had the time. But I'm always looking for the challenge and opportunity to do so!

These are some of my cakes:
This cake was my VERY FIRST ONE. EVER. I swear. No previous experience. I LOVED it. 
This next one I did for a co-worker's birthday. Experimented with doing a topsy tury cake. Turned out pretty well. 
Friends of mine had me do this one for their daughters 2nd birthday. Probably one of my favorite. Mickey was in Fondant too.
When my friend Amy was expecting her first baby I did this Irish themed cake. It was a HIT at the babyshower. Her son was going to be named Declan so what was more appropriate than some Shamrocks. 

Looking forward to some future cakes once the house is in order!

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